UHH…. i seriously didnt know what to post :/

im currently 14, and living a life of misery with GCSE bullsh*it. ANYWAY>> I have this crazy obsession with music and I would usually come across as a nice young girl living life till its max, but really… im not. Last year in yr 9 I got my first suspension, for apparently reading ‘inappropriate’ books on Wattpad. However, not only me but a good 6 of us got suspended. I don’t know if the deputy head have a problem in reading or if its destined for me to always get in trouble. so after that my baby ipad mini got taken off me, and basically my parents didn’t trust me anymore. I go to a private girls school, and because its private school they seem to think they can change the rules, and make horrific rules which don’t even make sense. urgh. ANYWAYY. this is my first time blogging annndd im hoping to gain something in the end – but I don’t know what. im just hoping to hav a little fun and socialize I guess?